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Reason and Love in Shakespeare´s A Midsummer Nigths Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the most famous comedy of the legendary playwright - William Shakespeare. The play features relationships, hatred, fantasies, dreams and especially love. Throughout the play, the theme â€Å"reason and love keep little company† is portrayed continuously, most notably in act 3.2. In the real world, scientific researches show that when two people are in love, their bodies produce special hormones called Vasopressin and Oxytocin. These hormones create â€Å"romantic feelings† that only the people who are in love can feel, making them do and say saccharine things. Another research also shows that when two people are in love, they see each other as flawless, especially the male gender. Thus, science has proven that love makes people do unreasonable things. A Midsummer Night’s Dream clearly shows that love keeps little company with reason. â€Å"I had no judgement, when to her I swore/ Nor none, in my mind, now you give her o’er† (Shakespeare, 3.2.134-135). Lysander tries to make an oath to Helena, and she tells him he is not thinking clearly. This shows that when people are in love, not many think clearly whether or not if they want to be together for the rest of their lives - their decisions are unreasonable. In our world, when people are infatuated, they lack the ability to think clearly and promise each other without judging. Similarly, when love cracks, the lovers tend to break up too fast. That is why divorce and remarriage happen. Lysander declares

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Why Is The Procrastinating Prince - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 873 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Procrastination Essay Did you like this example? The Procrastinating Prince For centuries, Shakespeare has perplexed his audience with the puzzling issue that Hamlet poses. Taking it upon himself, the duty of exacting revenge on Claudius for murdering his father, Hamlet swears that he will swiftly act. Then, he seemingly neglects his vow to his father, wasting multiple opportunities, in spite of the ghost reappearing before him to remind of his task. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Why Is The Procrastinating Prince" essay for you Create order Even after escaping from his trip to England, Hamlet seems to have no intention of taking his unclers life. When he does finally kill Claudius, in the final moments of the play, he does so with no forethought, contradicting all his previous actions and contemplations. Hamletrs retribution is too late. If he had done what he promised sooner, the other deaths would not have occurred as unintentional results of his procrastination. Now the question remains, why did Hamlet delay his revenge? Itrs meaningless to question Hamlet as he himself is baffled at his own inaction. He criticizes himself sharply in Act 2, after watching an actor mourn with counterfeit sorrow for an imaginary character when he could not weep for his father. The actorrs display in a dream of passion (II.ii.552) puts Hamlet to shame since his motives and cue for passion (II.ii.561) are genuine, yet all he can do is mope like John-a-dreams, unpregnant of [his] cause (II.ii.568). An entire act later, Hamlet finds himself abashed again for dragging his feet at the sight of Fortinbras and his army marching to fight over a little patch of ground / That hath in it no profit but the name (IV.iv.18-19). He expresses his own bewilderment at his inexplicable impotence through his soliloquy I do not know / Why yet I live to say This thingrs to do (IV.iv.45-46). He openly admits in the same soliloquy that the reasons for why he continues waiting are implausible. Hamlet reveals his disdain of wasting his ability t o reason Sure He that made us with such large discourse, / Looking before and after, gave us not / That capability and godlike reason / To fust in us unused (Iv.iv.38-41). Hamletrs ability to act seems to become apparent only when he acts without prior thought, from chasing the ghost instantly as it started to leave, to running his sword through Polonius believing it to be the king. Hamletrs constant weaving between living and committing suicide to escape his suffering reflect his shortcomings of not only taking revenge, but also taking a life by the Christian objections of his conscience. Yet, he feels no guilt for the deaths of Polonius and his friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. A common explanation is that Hamlet is suffering from a psychological dilemma. At the close of the first act, Hamlet had received charge from his fatherrs spirit and declares that he will put on an antic disposition (I.v.177), claiming that he will act mad as a disguise to expose the secrets that his uncle has kept. This not only exhibits his unreasonable methodology in uncovering a hidden enigma, but also begs the question of his current mental state. For example, Paul Rozin and Edward B. Royzman analyzed the contagion of negativity stating that the despair that stems from misfortune grows more rapidly over time than the positivity from positive events. This can explain how his state of mind quickly spiraled out of control after suffering the loss of his father and learning of Claudius malicious ploy to take the throne. Similarly, A.C. Bradley diagnosed Hamlet in his study as a form of melancholic depression, making this assumption from Hamletrs remark I have of late ’ but wherefore I know not ’ lost all my mirth (II.ii.295-96). Hamlet losing his mirth, or cheerfulness, has lost his happiness in his life, corresponding to conventional symptoms of depression. On the other hand, others believe the Oedipal complex, a term used by Sigmund Freud, influenced much of Hamletrs actions. The Oedipal complex is a theory of the desire of a child for sexual gratification through the parent of opposite sex which can be connected to the unconscious source of his suicidal dejection and pathological reluctance to avenge his father. He would feel that killing his motherrs lover, Claudius, would be killing his secret Oedipal self. But what if Hamletrs torment in playing the role of the revenger expresses his rejection to a corrupted way of life that tolerates injustice and inhumanity? If everything the audience learns from the play confirms Hamletrs conclusion that the world is a prison in which there are many confines, wards, and dungeons, and Denmark being one o th worst (II.ii.245-247), then Shakespearers play turns out to be something quite different. It becomes the tragedy of having to live in a depraved world. From Hamletrs view, his retreat into the limbo of his feigned madness is his sane response to the insane mess that has manifested itself in his life. In Hamlet, Shakespeare undermines the genre of a revengeful tragedy by creating a main character that refuses to play the role that hers been given. Shakespeare emphasizes his purpose by juxtaposing Hamlet with Fortinbras and Laertes, two sons who also want to avenge their fathers, but do not falter when doing so.

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Advertisement Analysis job for keen young school leavers Free Essays

1) The advertisement uses a few methods to attract people to the job. In the add it is mentioned that they are looking for â€Å"keen young school leavers†, as there are many school graduates who are looking for a job, especially a job where the â€Å"starting pay is BD 5,000 rising to BD 9,000†. In the ad it is also mentioned that â€Å"opportunities for promotion are available†. We will write a custom essay sample on Advertisement Analysis: job for keen young school leavers or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2) A flexible candidate would be needed to fill the job in Awali hospital as well as any hospital, because constant attention is needed so that the patients can receive the best treatment possible. the technician would be needed to ‘hook up’ or fix medical and other types of equipment, like x-ray machines or even light bulbs. 3) We had in mind many options for publishing the ad. We thought about putting the ad in certain jobs magazines but after conducting a small questionnaire sometime in the past we found that the Gulf Daily News was the most read newspaper, and was read by many students which was the target audience. 4) We asked the applicants to write an application form as well as sending a supporting letter to show how much the applicant actually wants the job and also to analyse the applicant’s English ability and standard. Also you can read Analysis July at the Multiplex 5) A formal interview s not sufficient to test all the wanted information, that’s why we chose to test the applicants, we can also design the test to test them on anything we feel we want to test them on. 6) We issue a set of terms and conditions to our staff beforehand to guarantee that they fully understand the hospital policy and can take into account some of the benefits such as â€Å"sickness benefit scheme† which will be an added bonus. Moreover, employees know how many days holiday they get in a year and no more than what we have specially agreed on. 7) Our employees have joined a union which exists to represent and protect the interests of the their members, and to give advice and information on a whole range of issues such as: pay, pension, sick pay, conditions, holidays, hours, redundancies, training, health and safety and changes in the working practices. The big advantage for a worker is that a union can take part in â€Å"collective bargaining† this is when the union signifies the employee and offers to negotiate with the employer, discussing any unresolved issues in the workplace. Read also  Case 302 July in Multiplex 8) We emphasize our principles of equal opportunities in our advert to aim and give all individuals identical rights and opportunities regardless of who they are. In addition, we needed to follow the Sex and Discrimination Act which helps prevent any sex discrimination in the work place. We also follow the Race Relations Act that was passed in 1976 under this act no one should be discriminated against their race. We also follow the Disability Discrimination Act which was passed in 1995 overall, we believe in equal rights therefore we will take anyone, any race, any sex, whether disabled or not as long as they are dedicated to the job. How to cite Advertisement Analysis: job for keen young school leavers, Papers

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Influence of Internet of Things on Mining Industry

Question: How internet of things influence the mining industry. Answer: The mining industry is the crossroad for todays global economy. The mining industry has the power of amending the global trends like decrease in commodity prices, shortage of skilled labours and slowdown in economy. Worldwide minerals are required for mankind survival and running our economies. (Joe, 2014). Extracting minerals and ores is very difficult for the mining companies. These companies are extracting the minerals and materials from remote far distant areas which are hazardous and risky during the extraction processes. In such extraction processes, safety for the employees and to the environment is always the top concern for the companies. Along with safety, cost control and profit is also very important for these companies. Thus the companies have shifted to automation, where the mining is dependent on the technology. This automation is done by Internet of things. Internet of Things (IOT) Internet of things technically is defined a scenario in which the machines or objects are given unique identifiers and are provided with the ability of data transfer over a network. In this set up or data transmission no human to human or human to computer interaction is required. Internet of Things works on the wire-less transmissions, electromechanical systems and Internet. The internet of things works on the principle of providing a biochip with an IP address on a living or non living thing, which can transfer the data over a set up network (Prowse, 2014). The best example for Internet of Things is the refrigerator who can identify the expiry date of the milk and will automatically place a purchase order through Internet. Internet of Things in Mining Industry The Internet of things has opened huge opportunities for mining and metal companies by providing them the facility of visibility and safety which was not possible before. The Internet of Things connect the human beings, machines, objects and various services in order to streamline the flow of information and taking real time decisions. The leading companies in mining industry are investing thousands of dollars in Internet of things as it will leads to increased asset uptime, increased safety, efficiency in maintenance while moving goods. With the use of leading edge technologies like Internet of things and Big data, the energy and mining companies have seen the reduction in risk and increase in the productivity. With the implementation of these technologies companies have seen utilisation in assets, optimization of processes and preventing environmental compliances (Kelley, 2014) Influence of Internet of Things on Mining Industry The most important use of internet of Things is in the heavy equipments which are used in various areas like construction, mining etc. With the help of IOT the mining equipments are now able to do those things which were not possible earlier. Safer Mining: With the help of Internet of things mining environment has become safer. The mining machines are very huge in size and wrong placement or wrong timing with these machines can turn out be fatal. Thus with the help of warning technologies like Radar, GPS system or proximity sensors the accidents are avoided and ensures safety at mining site (Bill, 2014). Automatic Operation: The best way to safe mine workers from any danger is to remove them from the mining site. In Western Australia there are few companies who are running self driven mining trucks. These trucks are driver free and operate through 200 sensors fitted on it which helps the truck in navigating the route and responding to the local nature (Bill, 2014). Benefits of autonomous trucks: As discussed earlier safety can be improved by eliminating the tiredness and error of driver and removing people from the mining site. Thus by using self-driven mining trucks can work whole day and night without any break or shift and will be more productive and error free in comparison to human driven trucks. These trucks are operated by the specialists who are seated at operations control centre in the major city who were earlier required to work at far-flung places (Bill, 2014). Autonomous drilling systems: These are automated drilling trains which extract the ores from the mines through automation processes. The mining operation process with the help of internet of things has been made advance and dynamic. With IOT the mining process has a memory which learns, anticipates trouble and responds to it (Bill, 2014). Easy and fast Maintenance: In mining industry maintenance of various mining machines and equipments is very important. With the remote sensing technique and through internet of things these machines can measure the level, pressures and temperature of fluids. It can also monitor the engine speed, brakes, vibrations etc. All these reading are transmitted remotely to operating centres where the engineers can be alerted for any upcoming potential threat and actions can be taken to save the trucks or mining sites (Douglas, 2014). Thus this automation has save huge time of the engineers and regular maintenance is taken care by decreasing the operating or maintenance cost and hazardous incidents taking place at mines. IOT fosters Layered Architecture: As discussed the Internet of Things is personified in chips, sensors, computers of the mining tools and equipments. These embedded computer systems are highly integrated with the self driven truck and control centres so as to drive the truck and control its movements during drilling. Also these systems are connected to high level centralized systems which can monitor the situation, guide the route and send new instructions to the equipments (Bill, 2014). Conclusion At last we can conclude saying that IOT has changed the operations of mining industry by making it much safer, efficient and automated. It has also converted the laborious jobs into high tech jobs. IOT has allowed workers to work remotely from a place they prefer and ensure safety by deploying minimum workforce at the mining site. Thus IOT is transforming the Mining industry. References Bill Mc Beath. (2014). How the Internet of Things is transforming Mining. Chain link Research. Douglas Bellin. (2014). Predictive Maintenance: The business impact of IOT for Mining companies. Joe Lee. (2014). Mining and metals + Internet of things: Industry opportunities and innovation. Kelley Prowse. (2014). Connected mining: Internet of things solutions in a complex market. Prowse Kelley. (2014). The internet of things in mining: A billion dollar toy store. Tech Vibes.

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Though Most Americans Are Aware Of The Great Depression Of 1929, Which

Though most Americans are aware of the Great Depression of 1929, which may well be "the most serious problem facing our free enterprise economic system,"( ) few know of the many Americans who lost their homes, life savings and jobs. This paper briefly states the causes of the depression and summarizes the vast problems Americans faced during the eleven years of its span. This paper primarily focuses on what life was like for farmers during the time of the Depression, as portrayed in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, and tells what the government did to end the Depression. In the 1920's, after World War 1, danger signals were apparent that a great Depression was coming. A major cause of the Depression was that the pay of workers did not increase at all. Because of this, they couldn't afford manufactured goods. While the factories were still manufacturing goods, Americans weren't able to afford them and the factories made no money (Drewry and O'connor 559). Another major cause related to farmers. Farmers weren't doing to well because they were producing more crops and farm products than could be sold at high prices. Therefore, they made a very small profit. This insufficient profit wouldn't allow the farmers to purchase new machinery and because of this they couldn't produce goods quick enough (Drewry and O'connor 559). A new plan was created called the installment plan. This plan was established because many Americans didn't have enough money to buy goods and services that were needed or wanted. The installment plan stated that people could buy products on credit and make monthly payments. The one major problem with this idea was that people soon found out that they couldn't afford to make the monthly payment(Drewry and O'connor 559). In 1929 the stock market crashed. Many Americans purchased stocks because they were certain of the economy. People started selling their stocks at a fast pace; over sixteen million stocks were sold! Numerous stock prices dropped to fraction of their value. Banks lost money from the stock market and from Americans who couldn't pay back loans. Many factories lost money and went out of business because of this great tragedy (Drewry and O'connor By the 1930's, thirteen million workers lost their jobs which is 25 percent of all workers. The blacks and unskilled workers were always the first to be fired. Farmers had no money and weren't capable of paying their mortgages. Americans traveled throughout the country looking for a place to work to support themselves and their family (Drewry and O'connor 560-561). John Steinbeck, born in 1902, grew up during the Depression near the fertile Salinas Valley and wrote many books of fiction based on his background and experiences during that time and area of the country. One of his great works would be the Grapes of Wrath In this book, Steinbeck describes the farmers plight during the Great Depression and drought. When the rains failed to come, the grass began to disappear. As the farmers watched their plants turn brown and the dirt slowly turn to dust they began to fear what was to come. In the water-cut gullies the earth dusted down in dry little streams. As the sharp sun struck day af ter day, the leaves of the young corn became less stiff and erect; then it was June and the sun shone more fiercely. The brown lines on the corn leaves widened and moved in on the central ribs. The weeds frayed and edged back toward their roots. The air was thin and the sky more pale; and every day the earth paled. (qtd. Steinbeck 2-3). The farmers worst fears were realized when their corn and other crops began to die. The dust became so bad they had to cover their mouths with handkerchiefs so they could breath (Steinbeck 3- When the drought hit the Great Plains and the soil turned to dust, many farmers moved to California because they could no longer farm their land(Drewry and O'Connor 561). The drought began to affect other parts of the country. In 1930, Virginia's belt of fertile land dried up. Ponds, streams, and springs all dried up and the great Mississippi River water level sank lower

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The Best Research Paper Topics for Writing in College

The Best Research Paper Topics for Writing in College Research Paper Topics for College Students The key to success of each and every research paper is the topic chosen. Frankly speaking, it takes hours to find something worthy on the immense expands of the Internet. That is the truth for both students and professors. Creating a satisfying research paper for college differs a lot from the similar assignments received at high school. Despite the fact that the hands-on experience is of great value, academic writing at college demands more profound knowledge of the subject matter and remarkable analytical skills. Making original yet reasonable conclusions and evaluating the information are the integral parts of the academic writing assignments. If you are puzzled while opting for one of the good research paper topics, consider the following suggestions: Expanding your knowledge on the worldwide experience. The modern advances are a lucrative source of ideas. Flexibility in the writing process. Do not be afraid to change the direction of your research in the middle. Who knows, maybe you will find a more compelling topic. Keep up on the latest trends and news. Analyze the current state of affairs to produce a brilliant writing. The inspiration and ideas for college research paper topics can rise from the conversation with friends, family members, or professors. Opt for something extremely riveting for you and that kindles the spark of interest in the modern society. Remember you need to conduct the research and find sufficient data to support your argument. If you are seeking for top 10 research topics, here they are! Nonetheless, we have divided the best research paper topics into three categories according to their complexity. Find the one, which appeals to you! Easy Research Paper Topics for College Students Police and Body Worn Video: Accountability and Impact The History of Music in Bollywood: Which genre is prevailing? The Arguments for Legitimizing Cannabis in the U.S. The Situations Which Make College Students Life Untenable The Possible Explosion of the Yellowstone Volcano and Its Consequences for the U.S. The Types of Fringe Medicine Spread in the U.S. The Investigation of Energy Power Systems: Construction over the Globe The Biography of Ernest Gaines The Existence of the Xiaki Topic in the Asian Movies The Secrets of Successful Operation of the Multi-Aged Workforce The Social Features of Non-Acceptance of Islamic Notions The Difference between the Attitudes of Russia and the U.S. towards Islam Old-Aged People and Cognitive Development The Conditional Release: Advantages and Burdensome It Brings The Complication of Forced De-Boarding among Airlines Ordinary Research College Topics The Potential Independence of Catalonia: Benefits and Drawbacks Distinctive Features of All Types of Obstructive Lung Diseases The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis: The Theological Dream Vision of Hell and Heaven Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: The Controversy How to Accurately Estimate the Health Needs of the Community Mexico Citys Transportation Is Contaminating Air Does the U.S. Health Reform Assist or Block the Healthcare The Soviet Famine of the Early 30s: Roots and Outcomes The Implementation of Diagnostic Ultrasonography in Gynecology How Does the Pre-Election Poll Affect the Election? The Problem of Streaming Live Videos on Facebook (based on real events) Utilization of Radioactive Materials in the U.S. Why Should Muslim Migration Be Curbed? The Obligatory Qualities for Official Duties Performance: American Police Anemia and Cancer: Iron Food Additives Complicated College Research Paper Topics The Marked Characteristics between the Kofun and Asuka Periods (Japan) The Lack of Sleep and Its Aftereffect on the Adult Population The Substance Use Treatment During Pregnancy and Postnatal Period Moores Law: The Myths and the Truth What Impact Did the Copyright Law of the 20th Century Have on the Depiction of Eugenics? The Comparison of the First Two Chapters in Exodus (Old Testament) and Gospel of Matthew (New Testament) Sustained Work-Related Stress of the First responders Kidney Function and Obesity: The Interrelation and Drug Treatment The Developmental Characteristics of Chinese Music Education The Atomic Armament (based on the example of South and North Korea) The Impact of the Sunlight on the Convalescence after an Operation The Legal System of Saudi Arabia: How does it differ from the American one? The Assessment of Students in the Primary School: Pros and Cons The Reduction of Educated People in Puerto Rico As a Result of Emigration Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Assessing the Disease with Regard to Photosensitivity Hopefully, we have saved you time with above-provided research paper topics for college students.

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Pragmatism Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pragmatism Project - Essay Example The problem with this is trying to find the perfect car to restore at a reasonable cost and distance, although the drive to pick up the new car will be exhilarating in and of itself. Simply knowing what I am in store for makes my heart beat faster. Ultimately, the goal here is to find and restore said car to its original factory condition. Given that, I do not want to start with nothing more than an empty frame, I will need to find the car I want intact, but in need of work. This will give me the opportunity to restore a classic to its original beauty and luster, by my own two hands. The car I have chosen is a 1961 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. As James said, pragmatism has â€Å"†¦only an attitude of orientation†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which is why I chose this car. The act of restoring a vehicle, namely this one, is reminiscent of a time when life moved more slowly, although I was not around, I have always enjoyed the family stories. As a kid growing up, it was always fun and exciting to watch the gangster movies with their long, low cars that gave the appearance of danger. In a way, I will be able to relive moments in time of which I was not a part. Also, something of great importance in American history is that President John F. Kennedy was riding in a 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible limousine when he was shot and killed. Stark history, but it takes me home. The problems that I face in this project are simple, as finding an American car here will likely be more difficult than if I were stateside. Regardless of this, the restoration of a Lincoln is an exciting dream of mine that I will someday be able to fulfill. I have looked into it with vigor and found what I will need to do in order to complete this project with accuracy and pride, which will â€Å"†¦denote the unity of all ideal ends arousing us to desire and actions†, (Dewey, 42) Once the Lincoln I want has been found, I need to be sure that it is worth the asking price, as well as fit with my ideas and budget for the restoration. I must also consider if the condition of the car that I am buying will lend itself to the original restoration I am wanting to do, or if it is so badly beat up, or parts are too sparse, I may want to look elsewhere for another vehicle. This is the best part of the beginning, because the excitement of finding this car is infectious. I can already see myself cruising in it, windows rolled down, arm hanging out the window, very ‘hip’. Once I have the Lincoln at home, the fun would begin. Here I would strongly utilize pragmatism because there are not absolutes in care restoration. There is no state of rest, and practicality is what will allow me to succeed in this quest. I will need to have a space that is at least three times larger than the car itself, as all the parts will easily take up this extra room. The first thing that must be done with a project car is that it must be totally stripped down to the metal, piece by piece; it needs to be raw. This piece-by-piece deconstruction will give me the knowledge of what is still in good working order on the car, what is not, and what I need to find that is not there. It will also tell me a unique story, dreaming that perhaps this car once belonged to a famous gangster, but without the bodies in the trunk. This is important so that reassembly of the car will go easily and smoothly, but also to get to know my car. Each little piece tells a story of its own, its past,